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Cosmetic Dentist - The Benefits and Purposes of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are several different subsets of dentistry depending on the intended results of the procedure. Orthodontics, for example, is designed to aid in the proper alignment of teeth. General dentistry deals with cavities and other general dental health issues. Oral surgery corresponds with surgical procedures such as the removal of wisdom teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is all about the aesthetic appearance of teeth, making sure that the smile is beautiful or aesthetically pleasing. Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, and a cosmetic dentist can help with that through a wide variety of different dental procedures. Your Bronx cosmetic dentist can help you find the right dental procedures to improve the look and feel of your smile.

The Bronx is one of the boroughs as part of New York City, and it is the only borough that is actually part of the mainland. The Bronx is well known as being the birthplace for hip hop music as well as home to the New York Yankees, one of the most well known baseball teams. There is plenty for you to do and see in the area, including the Bronx Zoo, Orchard Beach and the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage. Wave Hill, the New York Botanical Garden and the maritime Industry Museum located at Fort Schuyler are other attractions worth taking note of. You can also see a NYC cosmetic dentist while you are visiting or living in the area.

A cosmetic dentist can offer a wide variety of different practices, all for cosmetic purposes. Some cosmetic dentistry is functional, such as by improving the bite, but cosmetic procedures are meant to improve the appearance of the smile rather than the functional quality of the bite. Aesthetic dentistry is designed to cater to a wide variety of different needs and wants as they pertain to improving your smile. Tooth whitening, for example, is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to brighten your smile by removing stains and coloration that occurs over time. The only thing that this procedure entails is the whitening of your teeth and nothing else.

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves changing the shade of your teeth. If you have stains on some of your teeth, or if your teeth are permanently yellowed due to excessive coffee drinking or smoking, then a cosmetic dentist can help to lighten or whiten your teeth for you. The procedure can take several applications or a single one depending on which course of action you take, but your teeth will end up several shades lighter either way.

Cosmetic dental filling is similar to regular dental filling, except that your cosmetic dentist is going to use a tooth-colored filling for aesthetic purposes. This falls into the realm of cosmetic dentistry because instead of using silver amalgam fillings like most dentists might, you will receive a filling that matches the color of your teeth naturally for cosmetic purposes. This way you do not have to be embarrassed about your fillings because they will blend in directly with your teeth.

Orthodontic braces are devices used to align the jaw and the teeth accordingly. They are most often used to straighten the teeth and get them growing in the right direction. Using the device the teeth are aligned with each other and the jaw to grow straight and give a much nicer smile. Severely crooked teeth can cause problems with eating and even cavities by making it difficult to reach all areas of the teeth when brushing. You can seek the help of a qualified cosmetic dentist to help you get started with the process of creating a healthier and neater looking smile.

Dental implants can be necessary for many reasons including such things as having to remove a tooth or several teeth because of damage to the teeth after an automobile accident. You might also find that you have teeth so rotted from cavities that dental implants are necessary. Dental implants are the removal of original teeth and replacement using teeth created out of a compound or porcelain. These teeth are then implanted as if they were there originally. A cosmetic dentist will meet with you and assess the status of your situation before recommending this procedure for resolving your dental condition.

Dental bridges are a cosmetic dentistry procedure similar to implants, but they involve creating a bridge between two teeth to cover up the one tooth that needs replacing. This is a sturdy method of replacing a tooth because it utilizes the strength of the surrounding teeth in order to create a hold. By creating a three-tooth bridge, it is easy to hide the fact that a tooth was ever missing in the first place, and so there is some great aesthetic value to this particular procedure.

Dental bonding is the process of using a compound to fill in the teeth so that you have a cleaner and more uniform appearance. It can be used for individuals who suffer from tooth decay due to cavities, cracks in the teeth and even chipping or malformations of the teeth. The component is added to the existing tooth after the tooth has been made rough similar to sanding before painting. The cosmetic dentist would then apply the bonding material and dry it using a light. From there it can be molded, trimmed and polished to fit in with the other teeth.

These are just some of the distinct procedures that your cosmetic dentist can provide for you. Each of these dental procedures is designed to improve the look of your smile. If you are embarrassed about your smile or simply looking to improve its appearance, then seeing a cosmetic dentist in your area is a wide idea. Cosmetic dentistry can work wonders when it comes to your smile, and even simple procedures like tooth whitening can have a profoundly positive impact on the overall appearance of your smile. If you want to improve your appearance, beginning with your smile is an excellent way to go.

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